Kevin Gets a Big Boy Bed!

Before we left on our five week vacation to the United States, Kev had begun to occasionally escape from his crib at home. We knew he was ready for a big boy bed, but since we also knew he’d be sleeping in a crib or pack n play during our trip, we held out and decided we’d switch out his crib at home once we got back from our trip. While in the States, Kev did a great job sleeping at my mom and dad’s house in his own dark, quiet room. He had a much harder time when we stayed at Brian’s parents’ house in Hilton Head, sharing a room with his brothers. After his constant escapes, we moved the pack n play to our room and rigged it so he couldn’t get out. Once he knew he couldn’t get out, he went back to taking long afternoon naps and going right to bed at night.

Once we were back in Paraguay, we kept Kev in a sleep sack backwards and inside out so he couldn’t remove it which kept him from being able to get out of his crib. So we waited a couple of weeks to switch him out of his crib.

We decided to give Danny’s bed (with side rails) to Kev, but first we had to give Danny an Embassy twin bed. He was excited for his new bed, though Patrick was mad that’s Danny’s new bed was now taller than Patrick’s bed.

That night was Kev’s last night in the crib and in the morning his brothers got in too. Each one of those boys had slept in that crib for about two years each.

Patrick looked at the spot when he, as a teething baby, had chewed on the crib. Danny and Kevin did not do that.

The boys helped Brian take down the crib.

We got the new bed all ready for Kev.

Kev got a new red duvet and new rocket ship themed sheets. Patrick admired the sheets and asked if he could have the new sheets and Kev could have Patrick and Danny’s old sheets. I said no.

We had a great afternoon playing at the Yacht Club pool and riding bikes, and Kev skipped his nap.

When it was finally bedtime, Kev was exhausted and very sad to get in his new bed all alone and he cried for Danny.

Danny came over and, while flossing his teeth, snuggled with Kev for a few minutes. Kev calmed right down.

Before Danny left the room, he asked me to cut a hole in the wall so he and Kev would be able to see each other if they woke up during the night. Even though I didn’t do that, Kev fell right asleep and stayed asleep for about 12 hours.

So far Kev is loving his big boy bed and is back to sleeping like a champ!

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