Giant Lily Pads

Every four years, in the town of Limpio, about 45 minutes from Asunción, giant lily pads grow in the river.

Some lily pads grow as large as six feet across. The locals call the lily pads “yacaré yrupé” in the indigenous language of Guarani, meaning crocodile beds in English. Last weekend, while Brian was out of town, Maria and the boys and I drove to Limpio and hired a local to take us out on his boat.

While the boats certainly weren’t new, they looked pretty sturdy, had covers to give us shade, and they even had life jackets for all of us.

The boys had fun on the boat, pretending to steer.

The lily pads were at their peak about a month ago, when we were in the US, but it was still worth a visit to check them out.

Although some of the lily pads were starting to deteriorate and we didn’t see any larger than four feet across, they were beautiful to see.

After paddling around the lily pads for a while, our guide took us to visit a castle built on a rock in the middle of the river.

We climbed to the top and the boys loved it.

The boys were especially interested in what was likely the bathroom with a sink on one wall and a hole in the ground. The boys peered through the hole to the river below.

We had a fun outing! (And don’t worry – Danny and Patrick got haircuts later that day. Their hair was getting out of control!)

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