Welcome, Mónica!

We have a new member of our household, a four month old kitten named Mónica.

Before Brian and the kids and I left Paraguay for five weeks in the United States, we decided to get rid of our five chickens. Since we were going to be gone for so long and since the chickens were getting older and not laying eggs as regularly, we decided to give Maria the chickens. Maria wanted to pay us, and when we insisted it wasn’t necessary, she decided to pay us with a cat kitten.

Brian and I are not exactly cat people (he’s allergic) and we certainly prefer dogs to cats, but we decided to try out the cat for a little while and see how it goes. We’ve told the boys the cat is not allowed in the house and must stay in the backyard.

So far, the boys love the cat and can’t get enough of playing with her.

Patrick has told us that he in the cat’s dad.

Danny has told us that he is the cat’s grandfather.

Kevin just calls the cat “meechee” which is the indigenous word for cat. Kev loves picking up the cat. We think he really likes not being the smallest anymore.

Kevin also enjoys doing little boy things with the cat, which unfortunately for the cat are not typical cat activities, things like riding a bike and riding on a truck.

The cat has been with us for about a week and at least three of those nights I’ve woken up in the middle of the night to a loud catfight. We assume it’s neighborhood cats (perhaps trying to steal our cats food?) since our kitten doesn’t really make loud sounds. But our cat has been so scared that she climbs up on the 10 foot fence surrounding our property (presumably by jumping from a tree), and then can’t get down. In the morning we have to go rescue her with a ladder. We started putting away the cat’s food at night, thinking that might keep larger cats away, but so far the cats continue to fight. If the nightly catfights continue, Mónica will be looking for a new home very soon.

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