Happy Seventh Birthday, Patrick!

Patrick was very excited leading up to his birthday! He could hardly wait to be seven! On the big day, Brian and I visited Patrick’s class at snack time.

We brought cupcakes, popcorn, and juice for the class. Patrick liked when the kids sang “Happy Birthday” to him.

At Patrick’s request, we went dinner at TGI Friday’s with our nanny Maria and her family.

Back at home, Danny was excited to help carry the cake to Patrick who had asked for a Batman cake.

We sang “Happy Birthday” to Patrick, gave him a couple gifts, and spoke to a few relatives via FaceTime who had mailed gifts to Patrick.

Patrick received a books, games, and toys and couldn’t have been happier. It was a great day of celebration! Danny, on the other hand, was despondent by the end of the day and couldn’t stop crying. He kept saying, “Patrick got way more presents than me!” Danny was not consoled by the fact that his own birthday was three weeks away and he’d get more gifts then!

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