Daddy’s Birthday

Brian’s 41st birthday was on a Sunday this year. We went to church and then out to lunch to celebrate. At the restaurant Brian had a few double thumb wars with Danny and Patrick which they all seemed to enjoy.

When Kev saw Danny and Patrick making paper airplanes from the kids’ menus, he tried to do the same.

We had a nice lunch, though it was not so nice to find the forgotten leftovers in my car two days later at the end of a hot day!Later in the afternoon while Kevin and Brian napped, Patrick and Danny helped me decorate the birthday cake.

For dinner, Brian and the boys grilled brats and hot dogs. Danny and Patrick had werewolf and mummy cups, respectively, and pretended to be those creatures. Kev sucked the ketchup off his food and ate very little of his meal.

Everyone loved the three layer cake, which the boys dyed blue after Brian told them it was his favorite color.

Unfortunately, Brian’s gifts didn’t arrive on time, so we gave him pictures of the gifts. Danny and Patrick also drew pictures for Brian. After I took pictures of the boys and their drawings with Brian, Kev wanted a picture with Brian too, holding a picture of wood chips to go with a new electric smoker.

Happy birthday, Brian! We love you!

About two weeks after Brian’s birthday, the electric smoker I got for him finally arrived. We inaugurated it on a Sunday, with a nice pork tenderloin served with twice baked potatoes. Success!

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