Halloween 2017

Patrick and Danny were very excited for Halloween this year.  I ordered two big bags of candy online in early September, but due to a mixup in the diplomatic mail, the candy was somehow detoured to Abuja, Nigeria though thankfully still arrived on time.  Patrick marked the date on our kitchen calendar, spelling it “Halu in”.

I was excited to wear Halloween jewelry Brian’s mom had bought me last year when Brian was in Chicago for the holiday. Danny loved the bat ring, Patrick liked the witch earrings and the bloody eyeball bracelet, and I liked the charm bracelet with candy corn, spiders, and beads. I got a lot of use out of the jewelry this year!

Lately the boys have been a little obsessed with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and decided that was the costume they wanted.  Danny wanted to be Michelangelo and Patrick wanted to be Leonardo.  We decided Kevin would make a good Master Splinter, the martial arts instructor to the turtles.

Master Splinter was not very interested in wearing the rat nose or ears, but he did like the cozy robe.  He really liked the walking stick but we had to take it away when Splinter started hitting the windows with it.

Patrick tried to convince Kevin the rat ears and nose were fun, but Kevin was not persuaded.

Kevin did like wearing ninja turtles masks and stole them every chance he got.

Here’s Michelangelo (AKA Danny) with a sewer cover shield and a stuffed Donatello.

Here’s Leonardo (AKA Patrick) with his sword.

The boys loved their costumes, and their stuffed animals of Donatello and Rafael completed the group.

We had a few friends over the Saturday before Halloween for a costume party to carve “pumpkins” which were really any large produce we could find.

While it is generally not recommended to let a one-year-old play with knives, Kevin loves to do anything his big brothers do, so we let him have a small knife and two large peppers.  He had fun hacking them to pieces.

Patrick and Danny, with superior knife skills, carved large squash.

Here are the final products from the kids at the party.

Brian made a great Mike Ditka and I recycled his old Hamburglar costume.

On Halloween, the Embassy hosted a party for all the families, letting the kids trick-or-treat from office to office.  Master Splinter was not interested in being photographed with other kids whose parents work in Brian’s office.

I dressed up as April O’Neil, the news reporter who covered the ninja turtles. Brian and his coworkers all wore super hero T-shirts.

Here’s Master Splinter giving the young ninja turtles a quick martial arts lesson.

There were about 80 Embassy kids ready to trick or treat.

We visited a few fun and scary offices on the Embassy compound.

Danny was a little bit scared in this graveyard-themed office.

Kevin had fun playing with this sucker, though he never did figure out how to take off the wrapper.

Patrick’s school had planned to host a Halloween carnival the Friday before Halloween, but due to torrential downpours, rescheduled the event to the Thursday after Halloween.  The event began with a parade of the elementary school kids wearing their costumes and walking across the stage.  Some of my favorite costumes included a werewolf, a girl riding a dinosaur, a bucket of popcorn, the Statue of Liberty, and a skeleton with long bony fingers.

Patrick was excited to be first in line for his class, holding hands with his teacher who was dressed as a tourist.

After the parade, Patrick and Danny had fun playing a few carnival games and winning some fun prizes.

We had lots of fun Halloween celebrations!

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