Family 5k Race

Patrick’s school recently hosted a 5k run and he was very excited to participate in the event.

We put the boys to bed early the night before the race, with Patrick and Danny dressed in their race clothes.  Patrick didn’t want to take his shoes off before bed, but we made him!

The next morning, we were up early and out the door with our double jogging stroller.  We figured that Kevin would ride in the stroller the entire race and the second seat would be available for Danny and Patrick should they get tired during the run.

Before the race we did some stretching and got ready to run.

The kids did a pretty good job in the race and we finished in about 32 minutes.  Danny rode in the stroller about half of the time and Patrick about a quarter of the time.

Here we are with other Embassy families from the school who participated in the race.

After quick showers at home, we went to church, and then out for lunch at a Korean barbecue place.  At the restaurant, Danny wore his race medal and asked me, “Isn’t everyone in the restaurant so proud of me?”  I assured him that all restaurant patrons and staff were indeed very proud of him.

After nap time Kev, in his cute little elf jammies, wanted to be just like his big brothers wearing a race number and a medal.

When we laid out their clothes for school the next day, the boys each proudly added a race medal to their pile!

The boys did a great job running and Patrick even told us that next year he wants to do the 10k instead of the 5k!

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