Summer is on the way!

After a busy Saturday morning of playing at the park across the street from our house, the boys were filthy and needed baths before lunch.  They’d been busy doing boy things like finding snails (and giving them clever names like Patrick, Danny, and Kevin), lining them up, and racing them.  Every time that human Danny and human Kevin weren’t looking at the snails, human Patrick would move snail Patrick ahead in the race.

With temps in the upper 80s, Danny and Patrick were sweaty and eager to jump in the pool to get clean.  They developed a game where they stand across from each other on opposite sides of the pool and then jump into the water towards each other at the same time in an attempt to make an extra big splash by landing in the water at the same time.

They added a variation, which they called the “turbo spin” which Danny told us sometimes involved jumping and twisting in the air, and sometimes just jumping in normally and then spinning after landing under water.

While the big boys played in the big pool, Kevin enjoyed his baby pool and the garden hose.  He grabbed the hose and happily played with it while trying to fill up his “congrejo” (crab) pool.

Kev wanted to jump into his own pool after watching his brothers jump into the big pool.

When the big brothers moved into Kev’s pool, he tried to jump on them.

These boys sure have fun together!

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