Taco Tuesday (on a Saturday!)

The boys have been talking a lot recently about wanting to eat tacos, so Brian took them to the grocery store, actually about four different grocery stores, to try to find all the ingredients.  The only thing he couldn’t find was crispy taco shells.

At Danny’s suggestion, he and Patrick each first ate a “plain taco” which was really just an empty soft shell.

Kevin wouldn’t eat a taco (and strangely also won’t eat pizza), but he did eat a few tater tots and some taco meat mixed into his favorite food, pasta.

Patrick and Danny loaded up their tacos with rice, tater tots, taco meat, and cheese.  “My hands are getting juicy!”  Danny told us as meat juice ran down his wrists.

We all made delicious tacos just how we wanted them.

Including their plain tacos, Patrick and Danny each ate three tacos and can’t wait to celebrate Taco Tuesday again, no matter the day of the week!

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