We got a hammock!

Brian recently went on trip to the United States, escorting nine Paraguayans to a training.  While he was gone, the kids and I visited a new park with a few friends.  Kevin loved climbing on the play structure and going down the slide.

Patrick climbed a tree and Danny climbed a net.

Meanwhile, Brian was dealing with things like a barracks with 38 beds (two working dogs slept in there too) and communal bathrooms.  Don’t worry – these weren’t the only or the main bathrooms, just the bathrooms out in the field.

After the class, as a thank you gift, the Paraguayan students gave Brian this hammock, from a small Paraguayan town known for its handmade hammocks.  Brian hung it on our back porch with help from Danny and Patrick.

We have all loved swinging in it.

Patrick and Danny are not always very safe on the hammock, often swinging too hard or are unbalanced, and they have flipped over in the hammock and fallen out a few times.  Kevin, having watched his brothers climb into the hammock, dragged the picnic table over to the hammock (do you see the picnic table in the lower right corner of the pictures below?), climbed on top of the table, and then tried to jump into hammock.  That kid is fearless!

Seeing the boys’ obsession with swinging, our nanny Maria made them two swings using pieces of wood she found and then hung them with rope left over from hanging the hammock.

The boys have lots to keep them busy in the backyard!


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