Patrick’s Kindergarten Graduation 

Once we returned from Ireland, Patrick had just about two weeks left of kindergarten before his graduation. To kick off the graduation festivities, the room moms organized an over-the-top party the day before graduation.

Here’s Patrick with his best friend, Tommy.

The next morning we arrived at the school and saw a beautifully decorated gym, the creation of a hired professional decorator.

There was an impressive amount of sound and video equipment. Brian noted that this kindergarten graduation had more video equipment and of higher quality than Brian and I had at any of our own graduations.

We dropped Patrick off at his classroom and he and his classmates put on their caps and gowns for the big event.

The kindergartners processed down the stairs and into the gym.

The 60 graduates, from three kindergarten classes, took their seats on the stage.

The kids sang the song “What a Wonderful World” while doing sign language.

Each kid was called to get their diploma from the principal. That girl next to Patrick looks a little bored, doesn’t she?

Next they showed a video with each kid talking about what they wanted to be when they grew up and what they had learned during the school year. The video also included baby pictures and current pictures of each student. Many of the girls wanted to be ballerinas and veterinarians and most of the boys wanted to be soccer players. They were a few laughs when one student said she wanted to be a hairdresser and another said he wanted to be a spy. Patrick said he wants to be a policeman when he grows up and that during the school year he learned how to play lots of fun things.

Patrick seemed to experience a wide range of emotions while sitting on the stage during the ceremony.

He had some nice smiles too.

After the ceremony, Patrick and his classmates posed together for a few pictures and enjoyed some celebration cake.

Here is Patrick again with his best buddy, Tommy!

There was a professional photographer at the event taking photos of the graduates with their families.

After the ceremony, we took Patrick straight to the embassy for his first grade physical. He was thrilled.

Next stop: first grade!

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