Family Day

Patrick’s school recently hosted a family day to show off student projects.  Festivities for his class began with a short play called Stone Soup featuring a few cute songs performed by the kindergarten kids who had been divided into five groups – three groups of soldiers (red regiment, white watch, and blue brigade), a group of adults, and a group of children.  Patrick was in the group of adults (because he’s so mature?).  The kids sang about hungry soldiers dreaming of food to eat and asking villagers – both adults and children – for food.  The soldiers end up eating Stone Soup made with rocks and other items from the villagers.

Patrick took his role very seriously and was quite dramatic with his expressions.

Next to Patrick is his best friend Tommy.  Keep reading to learn about the nicknames the two have for each other!

After their play, the kindergarteners gave their parents a book they had illustrated and written in English and Spanish.  Patrick was very proud of his work and was excited to read it to us. 

The English version of Patrick’s book is called “My Famuli” (or family).  The kindergarten students, most of whom are bilingual, are encouraged to spell phonetically and their writing is often full of spelling mistakes, Spanish pronunciations and spellings of English words, or direct translations from Spanish that are not quite correct in English.  Some of the writing is hard to decipher so I have written below what he was trying to say, correcting spelling errors. 

Above, lower right: I have six years old and my name is Patrick.  I am scared of toads.

Above, top left: I like to play with Thomas. I really call him Tomate (which means “Tomato”, and by the way Tommy calls Patrick “Pepino” which means “Cucumber”).  And it is fun.  And I like track.  Top right: I have five people in my family.  My dad, my mom, and my brothers.  Above, lower left: My mom’s name is Eileen and I like to play with my mom at the Embassy.  Lower right: My dad’s name is Brian.  I like to play with my dad’s iPad.  He is 40.

Above left: My brothers are Danny and Kevin.  I like to tease Kevin and I like to play with my brother Danny.  Above right: My family is special because my mom and my dad loves me.

Here is the Spanish version of his book:

Above, lower right: Yo tengo seis años y soy Patrick (“I am six years old and I am Patrick”).

Above, top left: A mi me gusta comer helado y es rico (“I like to eat ice cream and it’s good”).  Top right: Mi familia tiene cinco personas en mi familia (“My family has five people in my family”).  Lower left: A mi no me gusta cuando tengo que esperar en el avión (“I don’t like when I have to wait on an airplane”).  Lower right:  A mi me gusta nadar en la piscina (“I like to swim in the pool”).  

It’s a very cute book and Danny has especially enjoyed us reading this book to him at bedtime.  

In addition to the play and Patrick’s book, Family Day also included an art show displaying a musical instrument and a family picture both made by Patrick.

The text in the lower left picture says, “I love my family because they love me.”

Coming soon: kindergarten graduation!  

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