Danny’s concert 

Starting in about March, Danny came home from school every day for weeks talking about a concert that would take place at his school.  He was so excited about it.  He alternated between inviting us all to attend the show and selectively disinviting those of us who had upset him in some way (Patrick who didn’t share with Danny or Brian and I for punishing Dan).  After about three weeks of incessant concert talk from Danny and no news about the event from his school, I called his teacher who told me the date of the concert had not been set but would take place in about two months.  

Over the next few weeks Danny did lots of practicing and gave us a few previews of the show.  His over-the-top excitement was really cute.  He told us about his classmates and their different roles in the show.  And he constantly begged us to play “La Bamba” for him since he had a full choreographed dance for the song.

When the night of the concert finally arrived, Danny was thrilled.  His preschool courtyard was beautifully decorated displaying artwork from the kids and snacks for the visitors.

The evening’s program began with introductions and brief remarks from the teachers.

For their first song, the kids wore rabbit ears and sang in Spanish about bunnies that hop forward and back and eat carrots and blow kisses.

The highlight of the show was the performance of the song La Bamba.  


The kids recited a Mother’s Day poem comparing their moms to flowers that had been picked by their dads.  

The kids also sang a song about the Paraguayan flag and sang in English about hugs and kisses, but with a heavy Spanish accent it sounded more like “hoogs een keeses”!  

The whole show was darling.  Kevin had fun at the concert too.  The Paraguayans were entranced by his beautiful blue eyes! 

At the end of the show, Danny gave me a bag decorated with his handprints arranged as flowers.  

It was a really fun, cute night. 

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