Mother’s Day 

This year we celebrated Mother’s Day with a picnic on the Embassy grounds.  The boys were very excited about it and beforehand spent much time talking about what to bring to a picnic, what to do at a picnic, and what to put in a picnic basket.  When they realized we didn’t own a picnic basket, they were very cute and secretive about an idea they suddenly had for a gift.  On Mother’s Day morning, they were very excited to give me a picnic basket which we loaded up with all our picnic food.  We packed roast beef sandwiches made from a beef tenderloin I had cooked the night before and sliced with our meat slicer.  The boys also asked for yogurt, pretzels, chips, cupcakes, and juice boxes.  We packed a few kites and two picnic blankets too.

We broke into our stash of California wine for the occasion, enjoying a bottle of Benessere Phenomenon.  The boys, happy to be picnicking, were a bit silly.

After we ate, Patrick and Danny ran around the Embassy grounds with their kites.  Rather than fly the kites in an open area, the boys insisted on flying them next to the playground in a area with many trees.  Not surprisingly we had to rescue the kites from trees a few times.

Kevin, eager to be just like his big brothers, ran around with a big leaf pretending it was his “kite”.

The kids, especially Kev, had fun on the swings and slide at the playground.

Patrick and Danny made strange faces while they ate their cupcakes.

The boys spent time in the afternoon giving Kev bike rides on the back patio.

The boys gave me cute homemade gifts and cards.

Danny and Patrick gave me a framed picture they had drawn.  They had lots to say about it.  Patrick was quick to point out that he drew the two pictures on top and the one on the right is me.  He noted that after his friend Ricardo showed him how to draw hearts, he got good at doing it himself.  Patrick said he wanted his drawing to include hearts and smiley faces, because we love each other and we are happy.  At Danny’s request Brian drew a heart on the lower half of the page, Danny’s half of the drawing.  Danny also asked Brian to write, “I love you so much, I made a picture frame.”  This upset Patrick who noted Danny did not make a picture frame, he only made a picture.  The picture on the lower left Danny said, is me on a windy day so my hair is standing up.  The picture on the lower right he said, started out as Aconcagua (a mountain in Argentina, the tallest in the hemisphere, where we visited with my parents in January of this year) but then he changed his mind and instead drew Machu Picchu (which we visited last year).  We had a nice Mother’s Day together, but we forgot to take a picture of me with the kids! 


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