Easter Bunny Visit

A couple weeks after Easter, the Embassy hosted a “spring” party with an Easter egg hunt for kids.  Since it’s fall here, it didn’t really make sense to call it a spring party.  Brian suggested a better name would have been “come to a fall party where a rabbit will hide eggs for some unknown reason that is totally not related to a religious holiday, even though we all know that it is.”  That’s a mouthful though and didn’t catch on.

On the morning of the party, I couldn’t find large Easter baskets in the house for the kids, so I let them use Halloween trick or treat pumpkins which they loved.  (Surprisingly, I was not the only mom to do this.)

Kev liked playing with the eggs but wasn’t very good at finding the hidden ones.

The Marine security guards on the compound tracked down the Easter Bunny and the kids all got a chance to talk to him on the radio before he made an appearance at the party.

While the big kids chased after the Easter Bunny, Kev was happy to have the bouncy house to himself.

(Side note: lately Kev loves taking his pants off every chance he gets but since he hasn’t yet cracked the code of overalls, he’s been wearing overalls everyday.)
Once he arrived, the Easter bunny was a little creepy but the kids (other than Kev) had fun with him.

To round out the weekend, we went out for lunch the next day at Johnny Rockets, a new restaurant in Asuncion.  The boys had fun with the hats they got from the waiters!

They liked the statue in the park of the kids sharing a drink, and Patrick disgustingly put the straw in his mouth.  But they had fun!

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