God Save the Queen!

Sometimes for work I get to go to fun and fancy events.  I recently attended a lunch with the visiting Acting Assistant Secretary of State and high-ranking Paraguayan government officials.  We used the Embassy’s fancy dishes, glasses, and place cards, all with the seal of the United States.

Later that week, I attended a fun party to celebrate the 91st birthday of England’s Queen Elizabeth.

In front of the party venue there were a few iconic British things like a red double decker bus, and British motorcycles and jeeps.

Decorations inside featured portraits of the Queen and flowers in vases that look like the signature red British phone booths.

Outside was a spacious patio with a stage and backdrop made of large fabric woven into the British flag.  There were little flag banners and cutouts of British palace guards. 

Waiters served British drinks including beers, stouts, and ales.

There were also gin and tonics (which I tried and loved) and lots of whiskey (which I didn’t touch).

The formal program of the evening began with British military drummers, two of whom were female.

The military officials raised the British flag and posed for a picture with the Ambassador.

The musical entertainment for the night was a British pop cover band. They were great!  

Brian and I ended the night by taking a stroll across Abbey Road.

We had fun at the birthday party!

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