Easter 2017

The boys were excited for Easter this year!  Patrick’s school was closed for fall break during Holy Week off school, though he completed this “Easter Bunny Application” the week before.  (At the bottom he wrote, “I like the chakulet” – or chocolate.)

Danny had school for three days during Holy Week and came home with this bunny.

Danny and his classmates made chipa one day at school.  Chipa, an artisanal Paraguayan bread that looks like a bagel, is enjoyed year-round in Paraguay though making chipa is a traditional Holy Week activity.  In addition to the typical circle shape, Danny also created a chipa in the shape of an alligator.

The Embassy was closed Thursday and Friday since they are national holidays in Paraguay.  To keep the kids entertained over the four-day weekend with no nannies, we made big plans filled with lots of activities for the kids.  Unfortunately poor Kev woke up a little sick on Saturday.  He had thrown up in his crib during the night and then fallen back asleep.  He had bits of dried vomit on his face and in his hair when we went to get him from his crib Saturday morning.

Poor Kev just wanted to snuggle with mama all day.

Danny and Patrick invented something called “apple sandwiches” which they ate for a snack.

One of the most anticipated activities of the weekend for the boys was watching the movie “Hop” about a human who wants to be the Easter Bunny and a rabbit – slated to be the next Easter Bunny – who would rather be a drummer.

While watching the movie, we enjoyed eating popcorn cooked in the popcorn machine my aunt Mary had given us for Christmas.

My friend Ellen stayed over at our house on Saturday night and helped us dye Easter eggs that afternoon.

We made a bunny cake to share for dessert with our friends on Easter Sunday.  Using two circle pans, we made the head, two ears, and a bow tie.  At the request of Danny and Patrick, we used chocolate instead of vanilla frosting for the bunny.

We used pretzel M&Ms (picked up in the international terminal at O’Hare airport on our way home from Paudh’s wedding) to decorate the bunny.

The boys were really happy to be having homemade pizzas for dinner on Saturday night.  Kev was feeling a little better by dinner time so we gave him some bread which he happily ate.  Danny and Patrick had cheese pizzas they made themselves.

Brian and Ellen and I added onions, peppers, prosciutto, Jimmy Dean sausage, and arugula to our pizzas which we enjoyed after the little darlings had gone to bed.

On Easter morning, Patrick and Danny were eager to start our backyard Easter egg hunt.

On the back patio, the Easter Bunny had left a note for the boys in chalk letting them know where to look for their eggs.

After finding their Easter eggs (but leaving sleeping Kev’s eggs in place), Patrick and Danny tore into their Easter baskets.

They were excited to eat the candy they received.  Danny was happy to get a “fruit by the foot” but was confused about the name and kept saying, “I’m eating a big foot!”  

The Easter Bunny gave the boys a book in Spanish about Noah’s ark and a small ceramic figurine (from an artisan market in Buenos Aires) of the ark full of animals.

Kev, who was still not feeling great, slept past 10am and missed the fun of the Easter baskets and egg hunt.  Once he woke up, we got everyone dressed and ready for Mass.  Danny and Patrick each wanted to be an “Easter Elf on a Shelf” and asked to be photographed while perched on our headboard.  Kev was not having it.

It’s tough to get a good picture of three active boys and this is the best we could do.

I guess Patrick and Danny are starting to get too tall for little kid clip-on ties.

We had a fun dinner with friends and the bunny cake was quickly devoured at dessert.  Danny was thrilled to snuggle a bit with Roxy, a dog that had temporarily stayed at our house.

We were home early, and got our tired little bunnies in bed by seven!  

We had a fun Easter weekend home together!

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