A Few Days in Asuncion 

After a great trip to Argentina with my parents, we all flew to Asunción for a few days.  We got to our house on Saturday night just in time to put the kids to bed and order take out burgers for the adults. The next morning we went to Sunday mass and that afternoon a few friends came over for a book club meeting to talk about my dad’s book “Hot Lights, Cold Steel.”  My friends enjoyed meeting the author and talking to my parents!  After an early dinner for the kids and take out pizza for the adults, the adults went to bed early too.  The next morning, my parents and Brian and I ditched the kids with the nanny and went on a tour of the city with a Paraguayan friend of mine.  We started our tour at the old train station, no longer functional and now serving as a museum.

There were lots of historic artifacts in the museum.

We visited the dining car. 

We saw the ticket booths too.

Our next stop on the tour was the Casa de Independencia where Paraguayans hatched and launched their successful plan for independence from the Spanish in 1811.

We went past the Presidential Palace.

We also visited artisan vendors.

My dad bought a leather bag and my mom got silver earrings. 

We stopped for a little snack at a small cafe serving Paraguayan and German food.  That’s mandioca (also known as yucca) on the top left and bife al caballo (beef with fried onions and a fried egg) in the middle row.  The bottom row is bori bori (a hearty soup with shredded chicken and little flour dumplings) and croquettes.  Even the cash register was in German.

We stopped by the Embassy too.

We had a pretty low key time in Asuncion with my parents, just hanging at our house most of the time.  Danny and Patrick loved when Grandpa played “The Dundee Ghost” on the piano.

Danny and Grandma enjoyed looking through her new bird book.  When Grandma showed Danny a bird among the ugliest of all birds, Danny told her, “That bird looks like a Grandmpa!”  My dad didn’t think it was as funny, but the rest of us all had a good laugh over that.

Kevin entertained us with his spaghetti dinner theater.  He especially enjoyed it!

Next stop on the grandparents’ tour of South America: Iguazú Falls!

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