Kev’s First Birthday 

Baby Kev is one year old!  He weighs 19 pounds and 12 ounces, is 30 inches long, and has a head circumference of 18.5 inches.  He still has just two teeth on the bottom, his beautiful blue eyes haven’t turned brown (like his older brothers), and he is just the happiest and sweetest little guy.

He is a good little walker.

This month Kevin started swim lessons with Aldo who also gives lessons to Patrick and Danny.

Kev had fun swimming in our backyard, at the Embassy, and at the Yacht Club.

Kev has started to hold his bottle in a funny way, with his hands on the bottom rather than the sides of the bottle.

Kevin loves getting into the pantry whenever he sees the door open.  Usually he grabs a bag of rice.

He is becoming a good little climber, heading for the stairs every chance he gets.

Kev seems intent on escaping from his pack and play.  He often piles up toys or balls in the corner and then stands on them.  Holding onto the sides with his hands, he then tries to climb up and out.  Predictably, he often falls over.

Kevin celebrated his first Christmas this month.  He helped with wrapping gifts.

Kev got to meet Santa and was excited about the gifts on Christmas morning.

On Kev’s birthday, Danny and Patrick were excited to celebrate, which Kev found a little overwhelming!  

Since the big kids were dying to use the new popcorn machine, we kicked off Kev’s birthday celebration with homemade popcorn.  (Thanks, Aunt Mary!)  We didn’t let the birthday actually have any popcorn though.

For dinner, we had spaghetti and Kev loved wearing it and slurping it up.  Our friends Norberto and Greta and their baby Juan Jose joined us for dinner.  

After dinner, we had birthday cake.

Kev was very happy about the cake and made a huge mess with it.  Danny told me that next year on his birthday he wants a cake with “one on top and one on the bottom” which I assume means a two-tiered cake, and he added, “I want you to write on it ‘Happy Birthday Danny I hope you have a lot of presents.'”

Patrick and Danny had fun using the birthday hats to make themselves into triceratops dinosaurs.

After cake, we gave Kevin his gifts and Danny and Patrick were happy to help Kev with the unwrapping and testing out of the new toys. 

Danny and Patrick seemed to have as much fun as Kev with the gifts.

Danny was excited that he got a belated birthday gift too.  Danny’s new Batman boat from Uncle Kevin was perfect with Kev’s new Batman jammies from Aunt Nora.

We had a lot fun celebrating!  Happy first birthday Kev!

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