Christmas 2016

We stayed in Paraguay for Christmas this year, spending Christmas Eve with just the five of us.  We went to mass at 4pm that afternoon with the boys in cute Christmas outfits.

For dinner we had lamb chops.

After dinner and some FaceTime with relatives, the boys put on their Christmas jammies and got ready for bed.

The boys set up their nativity set for Santa and added a few very specific things.  They left a letter to Santa (as dictated to and transcribed by Brian), some of Patrick’s Christmas-themed school work, chocolate chip cookies made by me and the boys, nine carrots (one for each reindeer), and three glasses of milk.  Because the boys each drink a different type of milk (Patrick likes his milk with fiber, Danny likes low fat milk, and Kevin likes whole milk), the boys insisted that Santa be offered one of each.

Throughout the day, Brian had showed the boys Santa’s location, using an app on his phone.  By bedtime, the excitement about Santa’s arrival was off the charts.  “I’m so excited,” Patrick told Brian, “I don’t know if I’ll even be able to sleep.”  It didn’t take long however for all three to fall asleep.  With the boys sound asleep, Brian – and what sounded like every Paraguayan in the country – lit off a few fireworks.

During the night, Santa came and left many nice presents for everyone.

On Christmas morning, Danny and Patrick were very excited to go downstairs and see what Santa had left for them.

The boys excitedly opened their gifts.

They had fun playing with their new toys! And they couldn’t wait to make popcorn with the popcorn machine from Aunt Mary.

The boys were surprised to find that Santa had left them a “globo loco” (or bouncy house) outside on our patio!

The excitement, especially from all the balls he found in his pack and play, proved to be too much for Kev who took a bottle and went back to bed.

While Kev slept, the big kids enjoyed their gifts.  They spent hours in the globo loco and invented a new game combining the globo loco and nerf guns they had received.  While one brother jumped in the globo loco, the other sat outside the globo loco and tried to shoot the jumping brother with the nerf gun.
We took a break from playing to clean up and get ready for our friends coming over for dinner. We set up three rectangle tables together to make one large table in the dining room.  It was a really hot day so we wanted to eat inside with the AC!  With me cooking some of the food and with everyone bringing food to share we had quite a spread.  For appetizers we had a veggie tray, spinach and artichoke dip, deviled eggs, and sausages cooked on the grill.  For dinner, we had two beef tenderloins, a 12-pound turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, roasted potatoes, ravioli, cheddar biscuits, green beans, salad, along with pies and cookies for dessert. No one left hungry!

While a couple of the moms worked on cleanup after dinner, a few of the dads “helped” by lighting off fireworks in the backyard to entertain the kids.  We all went to bed glad that the next day was holiday!

We spent the day after Christmas playing at the Yacht Club.  Danny and Patrick, as usual, loved the slide.  After discovering that they could go down the slide even faster without their swim shirts the boys asked us if they could go downthe slide naked.  We said no (we are mean).

This was Kev’s first visit to the Yacht Club and he had a lot of fun, spending most of his time sitting in about two inches of water and playing with a hose.

Kev even got to try the water slide which he enjoyed.

We had a nice end to great holiday weekend!

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