Danny’s Fourth Birthday 

Danny was very happy about celebrating his birthday, especially after having celebrated Patrick’s birthday just three weeks before.  When I asked Danny what kind of cake he would like, he told me, “I want a birthday cake shaped like a car and it has to have wheels and headlights that really turn on.  I want the car to have a number four because I’m gonna be four years old.  And my car should be green, because I like stuff that’s green.”  Using a few different sizes of baking dishes, a few different frosting colors, and some yellow sprinkles I managed to create this car.  Creating headlights that actually turn on was more than my skill set could handle.

Danny woke up excited for school, his birthday robot shirt, and scrambled eggs for breakfast.

Brian, Patrick, Kevin, and I all visited Danny’s preschool at snack time with Sesame Street cupcakes for the birthday boy and his classmates.

Danny was wearing a birthday crown made for him by one of his teachers. 

A new teacher asked us which brother is named Mike.  We said none.  She said he talks about Mike so often I just assumed Mike was one of his brothers.  We told her Mike and his dog Scout used to be our neighbors and we recently visited them in Colombia.  Danny must really miss them, the teacher said. She’s right!

Danny happily proudly showed Patrick around the school, including the playground.

We had a fun time at Danny’s school!

Patrick, Danny, and Arturito (son of our nanny Maria) had fun swimming in the afternoon. Danny loved the squirt gun he received as a gift from Arturito and Maria!


By late afternoon, Patrick was a little mad at the attention Danny was getting, complaining to the nanny Mercedes, “Es muy injusto!” (It’s so unfair!).  His chief complaints included the following: why didn’t we get new dining room chairs for my birthday and we do for Danny’s birthday?  (Our newly-recovered chairs had been delivered to the house late the night before Danny’s birthday.)  Why didn’t Arturito come over on my birthday?   (When it was Patrick’s birthday, Arturito was not on summer break yet and had to go to school.)  Why did I have to leave the house and go to my art class? (He loves his art class.)  Why don’t I get to play with Danny’s number 4 balloon?  (It’s Danny’s! And Patrick still had his own number 6 balloon from his own birthday.)  Why does Danny get pirate decorations and I didn’t?  (I couldn’t find them.)

For his birthday dinner, Danny requested the following: “super rico carne” (beef tenderloin), some bread, salad for the grown ups, “carrots so I can see very really far”, and “choclo” (corn) for Patrick since he doesn’t like carrots, and “pure de papa” (mashed potatoes).

When it was time to eat cake, Patrick declared that he would be eating both wheels since he really only likes chocolate frosting.  Instead, Danny and Patrick each ate one wheel.   (Look at those beautifully recovered chairs, by the way!)

The cake was a big hit and even Kev got to try it.  He made a mess but seemed to enjoy it!

After dessert, we did some FaceTime and phone calls while the birthday boy opened his gifts.

Danny was a very happy little boy when he climbed into bed at the end of the day!

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