An Interview with Danny on his Fourth Birthday

In honor of his fourth birthday, I asked Danny a few questions about life.  Here are his answers.  Any explanations or translations are in parentheses.

What is your favorite cereal? The ones that you eat with cereal. And leche (milk).  They are white, and not many colors.  (I think he is saying he prefers Cheerios to Froot Loops.)

What is your favorite veggie?   I don’t have any veggies.  I don’t like veggies.

What is your favorite drink? Milk. 

What is your favorite toy?  Monster trucks.  But really it’s Batman toys.

What is your favorite movie?  Cheewayno.  (He means “How to Train Your Dragon” and we have no idea why he calls it Cheewayno or what that word means.)

What is your favorite game?  Why do you keep asking me stuff?  I don’t want you to ask me anymore.  My favorite game is Hi-Ho Cheerio.

What is your favorite book?  The truck book.  It’s a smaller book and I like to take it to bed with me.

What is your favorite dinner?  Pan (bread).  And some carne (beef).  I mean empanadas.

What is your favorite lunch?  Pasta and yogurt.

What is your favorite breakfast?  Some fideo (noodles) and some pasta.  For real it’s huevos (eggs) and some leche (milk).  Huevos (eggs) should be shaped like a pollo (chicken).  (Our nanny Mercedes recently brought a few large animal-shaped cookie cutters, including one in the shape of a rooster.  She has been using the cookie cutters to make pancakes and, at Danny’s request, scrambled eggs in the shape of a rooster.)

What is your favorite holiday?  When it’s Christmas.

What is your favorite animal?  A koala because I always love koalas.  And I love animals that walk around.  Dinosaurs walk around too.

What is your favorite stuffed animal?  It’s “koalie” (a stuffed koala bear).  Actually it’s a green dinosaur.  I very much like him.  Also it’s Poopy (the nannies have mispronounced “puppy” and the name “poopy” has stuck for this beloved golden retriever puppy).

What is your favorite color? Green.  I always like green.

What is your favorite thing to do at school?   I love painting and I love the playground and that’s all.

What is your favorite sport?  Um, Cerro (one of the two biggest soccer teams in Paraguay).  Um, Olímpia (the other big soccer team here).  Is that a sport?  What’s a sport?  I do like fútbol (soccer).

What do you want for your birthday? An espada (sword) that shoots water out of it, a water pistola (gun).  Mommy can you get me a regalo (gift) for my birthday?  Can you put it in my mochila (backpack) so I can open it at school? 

Where do you want to go on vacation this year?  Um, to the animals.  And to the zoo.  They have snakes there.  But they’re in a cage so they can’t bite you.

What makes you happy?  Being at school.  And I like when people don’t hit me.  And I’m happy when Kevin watches me and smiles.

What makes you sad?  When a kid at school hit me, he cried because he hurt his hand.  I was sad that he hurt his hand. But he shouldn’t hit me. 

How old is Mommy?  I don’t know.  You’re 30.

How old is Daddy?  I don’t know.  He’s older than 2. 

How old is Patrick? 5. No he’s 10. 

How old are you?  I’m 3, but 4 on my birthday.

How old is Kev?  Um, he’s 2. 

What is Mommy’s favorite thing to do? You like to take care of Kevin at home when I go swimming at the Yacht Club with Daddy and Patrick.

What is Daddy’s favorite thing to do?   He likes to go to the Yacht Club and go down the slides with us and play in the pool with us.

What is Daddy’s job?  He goes to work and he does police things.

What is Mommy’s job?  You go to work and you buy us bananas from the guy in the street.  (I do often buy fruit from a street vendor at a stop light on the way home.)

What is Patrick’s favorite food? Um, he likes to eat meat and pasta and carne (beef).

What is your favorite food?   Xxx

What is Daddy’s favorite food? Beef.

What is Mommy’s favorite food? ensalada (salad).

What is Kevin’s favorite food? Carne (beef) and verduras (vegetables) in baby food mezclado (blended together).

What does our family like to do together?  Go out to play outside.  We play hide and seek.

What do you like to do with Mommy?  I like to ride my bici (bike).

What do you like to do with Daddy?  I like to ride my bici and drink water and play hide and seek with Daddy.

What do you like to do with Patrick?  I go on my bici and drink water.

What do you like to do with Kevin?  I like to play with him.  He plays hide and seek with me.

Who are you going to marry?  I’m not going to marry anyone. 

What do you want to be when you grow up?  Um, a fireman. 

What else do you want to talk about? That’s all.  But I always want to talk about how the dinosaurs died.

To see Danny’s answers from last year, click here!

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