Celebrating Patrick’s Sixth Birthday 

To celebrate his sixth birthday, Patrick requested a Batman theme, so we ordered a few Batman-themed things from Amazon like cupcake wrappers and decorations, napkins, and a few party favors.  

On his actual birthday, Brian and Danny and Kev and I went to Patrick’s classroom at snack time with Batman cupcakes and party favors. 

Danny was thrilled to be part of the celebration at the big kid school.  He proudly carried the party favors and wore the birthday hat to the classroom.

The door to Patrick’s classroom was still decorated from his stint as the Star Student the week before.

Danny told us, “Patrick gets the first cupcake because today he is the rey (‘king’).”  Patrick’s classmates sang “Happy Birthday” to him.  Patrick then gave each person Batman napkin and a Batman cupcake.  Danny was excited to help pass out “sorpresitas” (party favors) to each student.  Everyone got two Batman pencils, a Batman bracelet, and two Batman rings.  Patrick loved the party and so did his classmates.  One little girl commented, “Patrick, your Batman party is really fun!”

We had a nice visit to Patrick’s class!

That night we had a special dinner at home with a menu picked by Patrick.  He asked for “super rico carne” (beef tenderloin), choclo (corn on the cob), fried rice (which is how Patrick for some reason described white rice), and a cake in the shape of a triangle.  Brian and his little helpers cooked the beef on grill.

I finished decorating the birthday cake which Danny strangely said smells like Patrick.  

We did a little FaceTime with the grandparents while Patrick opened gifts from them.

Patrick opened his other gifts too.  There was even one for Danny who was having a tough day.  He wanted all of Patrick’s gifts and at a minimum expected Patrick to give him half of everything “because that is how you share.”  Danny was a little jealous of the gifts and attention that Patrick was getting and wanted some of both for himself.  Thankfully for Dan, he got to play with all the new toys all by himself the next day while Patrick was at school.

Both boys were excited about the Batman Cave and the Joker’s hideout.

Patrick also received special gifts from Mercedes (his favorite ice cream) and Maria (a squirt gun).

Danny asked Maria several times throughout the day, “Do you promise you’ll remember to bring me a squirt gun on my birthday too?”

After Patrick opened his gifts, we sat down for dinner.

After dinner, we sang Happy Birthday to Patrick and ate cake and ice cream.  Kev got neither- he’ll have to wait til his own birthday in just a few weeks.

We all had a nice time celebrating.  We can’t believe he’s six already! 

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