Halloween Celebrations 

This year for Halloween, the boys were dinosaurs.  Patrick was a Tyrannosaurus rex, Danny was a pteranodon, and Kev was a triceratops.  The first triceratops costume that I ordered for Kev was a little too big for him and the dinosaur head was so heavy that Kev had trouble holding his own head up while wearing the dino head.

Danny loved the wings on his costume.

The tail was Patrick’s favorite part of the T-rex costume.

Patrick and Dan had fun chasing each other around the house.

Kev was curious about and entertained by the costumes.

Patrick’s school had a celebration on the Friday before Halloween. First the kids did a parade in the gym in their costumes.  Danny came with me in his own costume. 

After the parade, there was a carnival complete with games.  The boys had fun tossing spiders into buckets and throwing balls into the mouth of a giant pumpkin.

The boys ended the party with a little ice cream. 

Since there aren’t any pumpkins here for carving, the weekend before Halloween we bought watermelon, peppers, pineapple, squash, and melon to carve.  Kevin sampled a little bit of the melon as we carved. 

The boys specifically requested that one of the “pumpkins” be carved to look like it were vomiting.

Here are the boys with the final products. Kevin had fun holding the melon, but didn’t like the pineapple as much.

Kevin was appropriately dressed and excited for his first Halloween, and celebrated his ten month birthday two days before Halloween. 

Here’s Patrick in the same jammies five years ago in Santa Barbara, and Danny on his first Halloween three years ago in Asuncion.

On Halloween, the Embassy hosted a celebration for all the families.  

The kids went trick-or-treating from office to office inside the Embassy.

The Ambassador (see the Queen of Hearts above) hosted a potluck dinner at her home after the office trick-or-treating.  Kev’s pumpkin bib was very popular.  

Danny and Patrick were fascinated by the semi-buried skeletons in the Ambassador’s front yard.

We had lots of fun at our many Halloween celebrations!

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