Kevin is 10 months old!

Baby Kev is ten months old.  He weighs 18 pounds and 5.5 ounces.  He is 29 inches long and has a head circumference of 17.9 inches.  He loves his brothers and waving hi.  He is a happy boy and doesn’t like to sit still.

Kevin likes playing with books, pulling himself up to standing, and laughing.

This month Kev finally got his first tooth.  Although he’s usually very happy, I could only get a good picture of his tooth while he was crying!

Kev does a good job standing without holding on to anything and he pivots on his feet without falling down.

Kev is getting better and faster at taking steps with his alligator push toy and takes frequent breaks to chew on and inspect the toy.

This month Kev had a little cold and somehow got a little bruise on his cheek.  I suspect one of Kev’s brothers may have more information about how Kev got that bruise, but no one is talking.

One night When Kev wasn’t feeling so hot, Patrick mentioned to the nanny Maria that he didn’t feel well either.  Ever doting, Maria set up Patrick’s dinner on an end table next to the reclining Patrick who despite his clearly serious illness still managed to feed himself.

This month Kev ate more table food like pasta, potatoes, lobster, and bread.

One of Kev’s favorite toys is a big red soccer ball.

For the Paraguayan holiday Dia del Niño (Children’s Day) in August, Paraguayan parents traditionally buy small gifts for their kids.  Brian and I got each of the boys a soccer ball.  We got Kevin a small blue one and we gave Danny and Patrick full-size soccer balls.  Patrick got a red one and Danny got a white one.  Danny and Patrick immediately took the blue soccer ball away from Kevin and played with it outside and got it so dirty that Kevin can’t use it anymore since all he wants to do with it is lick it anyway.  Patrick then hid his red soccer ball and he convinced Danny that they should play with only Danny’s white soccer ball, so that Patrick’s red soccer ball wouldn’t get dirty.  I recently found Patrick’s red soccer ball and gave it to Kevin to play with and he absolutely loved it!

Kev, taking inspiration from his fearless older brothers, is an intrepid climber, moving quickly across the couch and the two armchairs next to the couch.

This month Kev was fortunate enough take two vacations.  At the beginning of the month, we took a weekend road trip La Quinta outside of Asuncion.

At La Quinta, Kevin tried horseback riding.

Near the end of the month, we took a five day trip to Bogotá, Colombia to see our friends Mike and Scout.  

Kevin loves to wave hi to everyone, strangers included.

He is growing up so quickly!

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