La Quinta 

Earlier this month we took a weekend road trip with three other families to La Quinta, a rural upscale resort about two hours away from Asuncion.

It was built on the top of the tallest point around which provided a cool breeze and nice views.  Here are the boys on the patio of our cabin.

We had a two-bedroom cabin surrounded by beautiful grounds.

Danny and Patrick played on the playground, loving the monkey bars, seesaw, and swings.

Patrick was creative with his use of the seesaw, preferring to hang upside down like a monkey.

Danny’s playground favorite is always the swings.

Kev liked pulling himself up to standing, smiling, and waving.

The big kids played with and arranged pine cones, sticks, and tree bark.  They found a big piece of curved tree bark and used it as a slide, rolling pine cones down it.  They ate crackers out of a baseball hat while they played.

Danny and Patrick were fascinated by caterpillars we saw that weekend.

The kids had fun horseback riding.  Patrick and Desmond rode on Chocolate and Brian and Danny rode on Alonso.

Kev and I rode on Alonso too.  Kev seemed to like it!

All the kids had fun riding on luggage carts and sitting on an old wagon cart.

Although it was a bit chilly, the kids still had fun splashing around in the pool.

There were lots of hammocks around the property.

The restaurant had lots of good food.  We and our friends were the only hotel guests that weekend, so they were happy to cater to us and our requests a bit, including a poolside barbecue for dinner one night.  Baby Kev – who got his first tooth that weekend- was excited to try new things like spaghetti, potatoes, and sopa paraguaya (similar to corn bread).

The kids had fun with each other, and the restaurant chef especially enjoyed hanging out with Kev.  After playing outside all day, the kids sure were filthy by bedtime.

Once we put the kids in bed, the adults had fun around a bonfire.

On our way home after a great time at La Quinta, we stopped by the town of Ita to see the lagoon with crocodiles and birds.

Kevin fell asleep in the car and as soon as we got home, Patrick happily started to collect eggs from our chickens.

We’d love love to to go back to La Quinta this summer after it warms up a bit!

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