A Visit to Abuelita and Abuelito

On Saturday mornings, Danny and Patrick and Maria like to visit a small little bodega near our house.  Brian and I have often driven past the bodega, owned by an older couple referred to by the boys as “Abuelita and Abuelito” (endearing terms meaning little grandma and little grandpa).  They usually buy fruit, veggies, or cookies.  Last Saturday, Maria had the day off and the boys still wanted to walk over there, so we all went together.   Patrick, unlike his little brothers, is capable of picking out clothes and dressing himself, so he is the only one of the three boys who didn’t wear pajamas on the outing.

Patrick wanted to push the stroller. 

Danny, at first disappointed that he didn’t get to push the stroller, proudly then declared himself the “line leader” which Patrick told us all about since he been the line leader for his kindergarten class the day before.

The store is a small business about three blocks from our house. 

We chatted with the older couple who own the store.  They clearly know Danny and Patrick, addressing them by name and asking questions about school.  They were thrilled to see Kev since he doesn’t often make the trip.

The boys were excited to play with the owners’ puppy which looked a little bit like a lamb.

They boys each picked out a package of cookies.

We said goodbye and thank you to Abuelita and Abuelito and made our way back home with Patrick as our line leader and Danny pushing the stroller.

We had fun on our little adventure!

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