The Harp Twins

Earlier this month the U.S. Embassy hosted the return visit of American identical twin harp players.  The national instrument of Paraguay is the harp so this visit was big news here. 

The Ambassador hosted a party at her home honoring the 35th anniversary of the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in Paraguay and featuring musical performances by the Harp Twins.  

As the party started, I spoke with the twins.  It turns out they are from the Chicago area too.  They graduated from Wheaton College and still live in the area.  I also met a set of Paraguayan guitar-playing twins who would perform at the party as well.

Although the twins are 32 years old, they look and dress quite young and could easily be mistaken for girls in their early 20s or even late teens.

The Ambassador, the AmCham president, and Grammy-nominated Paraguayan guitar player and teacher Berta Rojas (instructor to the guitar twins) all gave brief opening remarks.

(The picture with the empty seats was taken before the party started.  During the show, every seat was taken!)

The show began with the Paraguayan twins playing guitar.

Then the guitar twins played together with the harp twins.

Next the harp players performed by themselves.  The twins are known for their their symphonic covers of hard metal and rock classics.  They played Nothing Else Matters (Metallica), Paint It Black (Rolling Stones), Sweet Child O’ Mine (Guns N’ Roses), Dream On (Aerosmith), and Fear of the Dark (Iron Maiden).

The twins are also known for the odd ways they look at each other while performing.  “Meaningful and sensuous glances” and “innocence with an edge” is how coworkers described the twins.  Check out YouTube for more!  It’s a little strange.

Here are my coworkers and I with the Harp Twins!

Here are the stars with each other after the show.

It was a fun night!

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