The Newest Keenan 

Last weekend, Patrick and Danny and I picked out and brought home a pet beta fish.

At the pet store the fish was in blue water so it was hard to tell exactly what colors it was before we bought it.  But he looked cool and was active, so we took him home along with some tiny rocks and even tinier fish food.  

When we got home, Maria helped the boys clean the rocks.  The boys then put the rocks in a large vase.  

I put water in the vase and then opened the plastic bag containing the fish.  Meanwhile, Patrick ran outside upon hearing Maria yell that she had found a bird outside.  Patrick then yelled back to me asking me to come and take a picture of him holding the bird.  

So I went outside and took a few pictures. The bird didn’t appear to be moving and I asked Maria about that.  She said that the bird was dead (had drowned in the pool) but it was okay for Patrick to hold it because there was a folded piece of paper between Patrick’s hand and the dead bird.  

After I expressed a contrary opinion, Maria threw the bird away and the kids and I went back inside horrified to see that the plastic bag had spilled and the fish was flailing about on the floor. 

I quickly picked the little guy up and dropped him into the vase.  Thankfully he seemed okay and and started swimming around as if he hadn’t just cheated death.

The kids, after washing their hands, set about deciding on a name for our new amigo.  Suggestions from Danny and Patrick included Scout, Spuds McKenzie, Sparkling Tail Fish, French Fries, and Chicken Nuggets (guess what they ate for dinner that night!). The boys finally settled on the name “Finnegan” for our new fish.

Patrick came up with the name Finnegan, no doubt inspired by my dad’s beta fish with the same name.

The two Finnegans met via FaceTime this weekend, but didn’t really seem that interested in each other.

To welcome Finnegan to the family (and since we will be out of town for the real Thanksgiving), this weekend we invited about 40 people over for a faux Thanksgiving turkey dinner with all the accompaniments.  And since no meal in Paraguay is complete without a hearty portion of beef, Brian also cooked two beef tenderloins on the grill.  

The meal was a group effort with everyone bringing a dish to share.  We had all the traditional Thanksgiving side dishes like stuffing, mashed potatoes, yams, and cranberries.  Desserts included pumpkin cookies, ice cream, derby pie, and apple crip.  A derby pie is a Kentucky dessert made with chocolate, bourbon, and walnuts.  I had never heard of it before and enjoyed trying it!

It was a great excuse for a party!  Welcome to the family, Finnegan!

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