Getting Ready for Summer 

It has been a particularly cold and long winter, at least by Paraguayan standards.  For a couple of months now, the temperatures have hovered around the 50s and 60s during the day, and sometimes even down to the 40s during the night.  

Plenty of days the sun warmed temperatures into the 70s, and once in a while the overnight temperatures even dipped into the upper 30s.  Occasionally, there would be some nice hot days in the 80s and even the 90s.  And although we did have some cold and rainy days, for the most part it’s been nice and sunny even on the chilly days.
Finally though, the temps temperatures seem to be rising and winter seems to be on the way out.  To get their sweaty little heads ready for summer, Patrick and Danny got haircuts from Brian last weekend.

Brian let them have mohawks for a few minutes and then he evened out their hair.

They wanted to keep their hair and make a wig.  We said no.

They looked very handsome with their new haircuts! 

To celebrate their new haircuts and the upcoming arrival of summer, the boys jumped in the pool.  It was pretty cold!

That afternoon I took advantage of some free child labor and I had Danny and Patrick layer sliced potatoes in a baking dish for a potato gratin.  They loved helping.  It had been a long weekend of playing and by late afternoon the boys were worn out.  Brian went to the grocery store and I gave the kids an early dinner, baths, and put them to bed.  

By 6:30, Danny and Patrick were in bed, and by 7, Kev was too.  All three fell right asleep.  With the little darlings in bed, Brian and I enjoyed a quiet dinner together celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary.

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