Kev is Eight Months Old 

Last week Kevin turned eight months old. 

He is now 28.25 inches long, weighs 17 pounds and 8 ounces, and has a head circumference of 17.75 inches.  He celebrated his eight month birthday by getting a few vaccines at the Embassy health unit.  He drank one and got two shots – one in each thigh.

Kev is eating more and different foods.  He especially enjoys circle breadsticks. 

He is eating 4-5 little containers of baby food per day, and though he does like the fruits and veggies he’s tried, he does not like any meat baby food leading Brian to speculate that Kev might be a vegetarian.  Kev’s sad eyes below seem to be asking, “Why do you insist on feeding me stuff you know I don’t like?”  Patrick has been a big help and likes feeding Kev.

Kev pulls himself up to standing and can stand all by himself without holding on to anything.

He walks around lots in his walker.

Kev still doesn’t have any teeth though he does gnaw on everything and rubs everything on his gums so maybe he’ll get teeth soon?  The hair on the top of his head is longer than the hair on the sides which often means a funny mohawk for Kev.

These three brothers love each other!

This month Kev tried out the swings at Embassy and seemed to like it.

He’s a great baby!

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