Panama City, Panama 

After six nights in the Panama beach town of Santa Clara, we headed to Panama City for two nights.

On the way, we drove across the Centennial Bridge and visited the Panama Canal.

When we got to our hotel in the city, the boys were happy to learn that it had five swimming pools on the 13th floor, three of which we could see from our balcony on the 26th floor.  

Two of the pools had a glass wall on one side and the boys liked swimming up to it and waving.

There were beautiful city views from the pool.

Patrick and Danny had lots of fun at the pool working on their flips.  Brian flipped Danny into the water and Patrick did flips all by himself from the edge of the pool.

We all enjoyed the pool!

Outside our hotel room there were basket-weave coffee tables that Patrick thought would make nice caves.

Kevin tried new foods in Panama City.  He gnawed on carrots and toasty bread.  And one day Kev and Brian wore matching red shirts.

Danny and Patrick were excited about our visit to an ice cream shop.

I enjoyed as much seafood as I could in Panama, and I especially liked ceviche and lobster burgers.

While in Panama with Brian’s parents we decided to have a family picture taken.  The morning we were planning to meet the photographer, the boys said they would rather stay in bed and asked if the photographer would just come take pictures of them sleeping.  I said no.  Here are three fake sleepers!

While Brian and I got ourselves and Patrick and Danny ready for the pictures, Kev slept in the adjoining room.  With about ten minutes to spare before we had to leave to meet the photographer, I went to get Kev ready.  As I pulled opened the partially closed adjoining door in my room, the wind of that movement pulled shut the adjoining door to the boys’ room, fully closing it.  No problem, I thought, I’ll just use a keycard and enter the room from the hallway.  The keycard didn’t work however and I could not get the door to open.  I called the front desk and asked them to send someone up to open the door.

Hotel security arrived, and they were also unable to open the door because, they said, the deadbolt had been used on the door.  

Our rooms shared a large balcony with a vertical divider in the middle.  The divider  was not flush against the exterior of the building, leaving a gap too small for an adult to fit through but not too small for the boys to fit through.  We got nervous when one security guy told the other security guy to climb over the 26th floor balcony from our room to the balcony in the boys’ room and try to enter the room through the balcony sliding door.  Instead, we had Patrick squeeze between the divider separating the two balconies and try to open the balcony door.  He fit right through, but unfortunately the balcony door was locked and he could not get it open.  The two hotel security folks ran out of ideas to help us and they left, noting that the head of hotel security should be in soon and he would be able to open the door.  We did hear Kev cry a little and we felt bad (negligent?) that we could do nothing to help him.  I called the front desk again and they said someone would be right up.  We were really surprised hotel security couldn’t open the door sooner.  Finally, the head of security showed up with a special keycard that opens hotel doors even when a deadbolt has been used.  After nearly 45 minutes trapped in his room, baby Kev was free!  He was sound asleep when we finally got in.  Here’s the look of clearly traumatized baby once he was free.  (At checkout, the hotel did give us 10% off our bill for the hassle!)

Finally it was time for some family pictures!  We started early (though we were slightly delayed by Kev’s ordeal), and it was still so hot and so humid.  I was grateful I had brought extra clothes for Kev since we ended up using them to wipe sweat off our faces.  Thankfully the pictures turned out really well.

Can you tell Danny and Kev are related in the picture below?  They have the exact same facial expression and hand positioning.

This one is my favorite.

After a nice long vacation in Panama, it was time to go home. 

We had a great time in Panama!

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