Patrick Starts Kindergarten 

After three years at a Paraguayan all-Spanish preschool, Patrick started kindergarten at the American School of Asuncion.  On his last day of preschool, he begged us to let him wear his brand new gym shoes and bring his Spider Man backpack to show them to his preschool friends.    

His last day of preschool was also Dia de Amistad (Friendship Day) where students bring an anonymous gift for their “amigo invisible.”  Patrick was excited to bring a soccer ball for his amigo Octavio.

For his new school, Patrick was excited to have new uniforms even though they were only hand-me-downs from other Embassy families.  He laid all the clothes out on the floor to inspect everything.

On his first day of kindergarten, Patrick was excited and nervous and felt like big kid. 

Here he is in his new classroom!

After his first week, the school hosted a welcome breakfast for new students.  Patrick proudly showed us around his school.  He showed us the hook where he hangs his bag and jacket and the places where his name appears in the classroom.

Patrick showed us the daily schedule, his cubby, where he sits, and pictures he’s drawn. 

The school has grades kindergarten through high school and the campus is huge!  As we walked around, Patrick specifically asked that I take a picture of him with a tractor in the background.

Here’s Patrick’s artistic rendering of his first day of school.  That’s Brian on the left, holding hands with Patrick in the middle, as they walked into school on the first day.  There are lots of hearts because they love each other.  The teacher is on the right, with her hand on the door, opening it to let Patrick in.  Patrick told me that he drew me with a white crayon so you can’t really see me on the white paper!

So far Patrick is really enjoying kindergarten!  He likes playing soccer, going to the library, playing on the playground at recess, getting lunch at the cafeteria, using a real computer, and making new friends.

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