Six Months Old 

Today Kevin is six months old!  

He weighs 16 pounds 8.5 ounces, is 27 inches long, and has a head circumference of 17.5 inches.  

In the past month, Kevin has been busy!

He started using his high chair and happily sits there to eat his rice cereal.

Kevin still likes his swing though he is outgrowing it.  While buckled into the swing at the waist, he has started to lean far forward or to one side or the other.  

Kevin is longer swaddled up for sleeping and now uses a sleep sack at night.

Kevin has started to belly crawl.

This month Kevin went to his first toga party, a going away party for my boss and his family who are heading to their next post in Buenos Aires.  The nannies helped us make crowns and we tied sheets and towels around us for our togas.  


This month Kevin started playing with his lips and tongue.  He often sucks on his upper lip, smacks his lips, licks his lips, and sticks his tongue out. 

Kevin has gotten better at sitting up.  He can’t quite get to a seated position on his own, but if we sit him up he can maintain that position for a little while before falling over.

Kevin certainly loves his brothers, though he definitely seems leery of their their occasional aggression and loud volume.

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