Bienvenido Senor Invierno

Winter in the Southern Hemisphere officially began last week, though Paraguay has been under a bit of a cold streak the past two months with temperatures in the 50s and 60s.  The kids have been bundling up to stay warm!
Lately the boys like giving a thumbs up or down in pictures.  Patrick even tried to get Kevin to give a thumbs up, but Kev was not interested. 

For the first official day of winter, the teachers told kids to come to school wearing winter hats and scarves.  At 48°, it was a chilly morning!

At school the boys each got little penguins carrying a sign saying “Bienvenido Señor Invierno” (Welcome Mr. Winter).

The nannies have dressed Kevin in extra layers to keep him warm.  When the temperature dips below 60, Kev usually has a double pair of pajamas. 

While we know this winter won’t be anything like the Chicago winters Brian and I grew up with, the kids sure will be happy when it’s pool weather again.  

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