Colonia Independencia 

We recently took a road trip with another family to the town of Colonia Independencia about three hours southeast of Asuncion.  On the road, the boys were happily entertained with their tablets and headphones.  We were surprised to see a street named Patrick on our route!

The boys’ favorite things about the hotel were the dangling stick curtains in the doorway to the living room of our suite, the dangerous staircase leading up to our room and the motorcycle underneath, and the empty swimming pool which had been drained for winter.

It was a bit wet all weekend, but we still had a good time.  We went hiking to Salto Suizo, a nearby waterfall.  The boys put a lot of effort into finding the perfect hiking sticks.

The waterfall was impressive.

Danny is a very expressive young man.

We hung out at the waterfall for a little while, playing and taking pictures.

Some of the road conditions were a little rough, but the scenery was pretty.  It was cloudy and rained off and on all weekend.

We tried to take the kids mini golfing and go carting, but the place was closed.  Danny and Desmond made sad faces when we told them there would be no go carting.

The big kids were excited to snuggle with Baby Kevin over the weekend.

The hotel had a large soccer field and the kids spent a lot of time running around and playing soccer.

Danny and Patrick had fun giving Baby Kevin rides on their shoulders, with plenty of help from Daddy.

We traveled through small towns and back roads on our trip.  We saw lots of cows near, and sometimes in, the road.

Look!  A little roadside stand named Kevin!

We also passed a little girl, no older than Patrick, standing in the back of an open truck.

We ate lots of great German food, as this part of the country is known for inhabitants with German roots.  At dinner one night the diners at a neighboring table spoke German.

On our drive back to Asuncion, we stopped by the town of Ita which we had visited once before, known for the town’s crocodile-filled lagoon.

While Kevin was sleeping in the car, and Patrick and Danny loved watching the crocs.

There were even two wooden crocodiles on the banks of the lagoon.

We were surprised to see a dog jump the fence around the lagoon, run up to the biggest croc and bark at him.  We were worried there might be a “National Geographic” moment that could permanently scar the kids, but the croc only snapped once at the dog and didn’t really seem too bothered by the barking.

We had a great weekend!

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