Santiago de Compostela 

On our 11th day of walking, we left our hotel in Padron and hit the road for Santiago de Compostela.  It was an overcast day with rain off and on, making for beautiful misty hills in the distance.  

The closer we got to Santiago the more seashells, trail markers, and images of St. James we saw.  

In the outskirts of Santiago, we visited a small urban chapel and the caretaker gave us a prayer to read. 

We continued on our walk and later took a break on the side of the trail. 

After lunch, we kept on towards our destination. The last hour of our walk was quite wet.  We dropped our stuff off in our hotel rooms (which had a view of cathedral) and headed to the cathedral plaza.  It’s incredible.  We attended the daily pilgrims’ mass in the cathedral that evening.  

We had a pizza dinner complete with celebratory drinks, courtesy of my sisters Annie and Sheila.  

Kevin slept through everything that evening until on our way back to the hotel we stumbled across a group of talented musicians who were so fun to watch. There was plenty of dancing along with Kevin-admiring by strangers. 

At the end of the day, we had walked 19.16 miles making it our longest day of the trip.  We took 43,685 steps and climbed 158 flights of stairs.  Adding up all our miles from the beginning of our trip in Porto until the end of our trip in Santiago, we walked a total of 176 miles!!  
The next morning we slept in a little and walked to the cathedral’s pilgrim office to get our official Compostela certifying our completion of the Camino.

We handed in our pilgrim credentials which we’d been dutifully filling with stamps at churches, cafes, hotels, and restaurants along the way.  

We got our final stamp in our credentials (which were then returned to us) and I got my official Compostela.  They told me Kevin is the youngest pilgrim they had ever seen, however he couldn’t get an official Compostela since he didn’t actually walk.  He did earn a certificate of participation however.

Kevin and I also got a certificate listing the distance of our walk.  The certificate states the distance we walked was 260km which is the distance of the official, traditional Camino Portugues route from Porto to Santiago de Compostela.  With our coastal route and additional sightseeing and walking to/from hotels and restaurants off the path, our actual distance walked was 283km.

We met an eccentric British trio who had just completed their 51st Camino over 30 years, each one was dressed in the traditional clothes of a pilgrim.  Kevin found them suspicious.

We had breakfast at outdoor cafe, watching for pilgrims finishing their journey and heading to get their own Compostelas.

We walked 4.5 miles around the town today, doing some sightseeing and shopping.  

Too tired to wait for dinner at a town restaurant which wouldn’t open before 9pm, we had an easy and early dinner at the hotel at 7:30pm.  We all noticed that we were much tighter and more sore today since we had walked so much less today compared to the preceding days!

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