Days 7 to 10 on the Camino 

On Days 7 through 10 of our amazing adventure on the Camino Portugues, there was a bit of rain and cooler temperatures while the wonderful food, wine, and scenery continued.

On Day 7, we walked from Tui to Redonela.  Tui is about 115km from Santiago de Compostela and 100km is the minimum distance that a pilgrim can walk and still earn a “compostela” certificate at the end.  As a result, many pilgrims begin their journey in Tui and today we saw more pilgrims than we’d seen the whole trip, including 3 women from Singapore, 2 Germans, and a Portuguese pediatrician.  We also started to see more pilgrim symbols including seashells, distance markers, and a pilgrim with a hat and a walking stick.  

It was a little rainy and cold today, but thankfully the rain wasn’t too heavy and didn’t last long.  The mist in the surrounding hills made for pretty scenery.

We walked through small towns, along some paved roads and rustic trails. 

At the end of the day we arrived at our night’s lodging: an unbelievable and amazing castle.  

The castle, built by a military general in 1865, was constructed with stones from a convent that had previously occupied the land.  Over the years and after various owners (including Argentine, Basque, and Andalusian folks), the castle fell into ruins.  In 1992, six brothers bought the property from a man who had been living only in the current dining room with umbrellas open inside the house to protect him from rain.  The siblings restored the property into the stunning castle it is now.

The duck pond features a miniature version of the castle.

The beautiful tiles in the home had been added by the owners from Andalucia.

We had a fantastic dinner, joined by our new British friends Jamie and Karen who will hike the rest of the way to Santiago with us.  

Today we walked 17.51 miles, we took 39,904 steps and we walked up 109 flights of stairs.  It was a hard day, made easier by our fabulous accommodations in the castle!

On Day 8, we walked from Redonela to Pontevedra.  Kevin awoke happy as usual and posed for a quick picture with a night in the castle before we departed.  In case you’re wondering, as Annie was, Kevin’s cheeks really are that thick and dense and he likes when Annie gives them a little squeeze.

The terrain today was mostly trails with some pavement.  

The stroller has been holding up well and Kev has been doing a great job on the Camino.  In wind and rain, I’ve used a plastic cover on the stroller, and when it rains, I’ve also covered Kevin’s feet with a garbage bag to keep them dry.  He’s been very pleasant and super smiley along the Camino.  He has taken lots of naps in the stroller and is quick to let us know when he wants some adjustments, such as the plastic rain cover opened, or a break from the stroller snuggled in Aunt Polly’s arms.

Today we collapsed the stroller when the trails got too tough.  Uncle Denny carried the stroller and I carried Kev in a carrier.  We had light rains on and off most of the day. 

We crossed a few rivers, walked through a few towns, and saw several churches.

We had lunch at an great trail-side cafe.  We had homemade wine, salad with tomato and onions the cafe owner had grown in his own garden, a basket of fresh bread, and a plate of cheese, salami, and sausage.

Today we walked 16 miles. 

On Day 9 we walked from Pontevedra to Caldes de Reis.  That morning, staff from the hotel in Pontevedra drove us to the trail where we continued on our route to Santiago.  There was beautiful morning light and a lucky rainbow.

Today we walked past and through many wineries and farms. 


There are many churches on the route. Unfortunately many of the churches are locked.  

We walked on paved roads and on dirt trails.  We had lunch at a little a cafe where Kev was insanely popular.  They told us he was the youngest pilgrim they’d ever heard of – before Kevin, the youngest was a nine month old baby.  

The food at lunch was great.  Similar to yesterday, we had plates to share of salami and cheese, bread, and a tomato and onion salad.

We spent the night at a “casa rural” or rural house in Caldes de Reis. 

Our delicious dinner included octopus which my cousin Mike and I have been enjoying every chance we get.  

Today we walked 14.11 miles, took 32,166 steps, and climbed 80 flights of stairs.

On Day 10, we walked from Caldes de Reis to Padron.  Little Kev was eager to start the day and woke up around 5:30am and wouldn’t go back to sleep.  Annie was not thrilled about this, but considering it was the only morning of the entire trip when he did that, she forgave him.  She was still a little mad when this picture was taken, so she x’ed out his face with her walking sticks!

We left our casa rural for a beautiful and occasionally rainy walk through vineyards and small towns. 

Kevin “walked” part of the afternoon in Aunt Polly’s arms and also practiced using a hiking stick.

When we stopped for a break at a cafe, Kevin was very popular with two local kids, 18-month old twins Margarita and Mateo.  “Mira! Mira!” (Look! Look!), they excitedly said to each other about Kevin.  And Kevin, who must be missing his brothers, was happy to see the twins and smiled and kicked his legs with joy.  

Refreshed from our break, we continued on our walk.

When we reached the town of Padron, we stopped for a drink at a cafe in front of the town church noted as the home of the stone used to tie up the boat carrying the remains of St. James back to Spain.

Our group felt a wide range of emotions upon finishing our walk for the day. 

We spent the night in a small hotel with a nice home-cooked dinner.

Tomorrow we reach Santiago!

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