Fourth Month, Third Continent 

Today Kevin is celebrating his four month birthday by visiting his third continent.  

He was born in North America, lives in South America, and is currently traveling in Europe.

As of two days ago, he weighs 14 pounds and 7 ounces, is 26 inches long, and has a head circumference of 16.5 inches.  

This past month, Kevin has been busy!  He perfected his roll-over technique and now rolls right to his back when we put him on his tummy.  When he’s on his back he rocks and gets close to rolling over to his tummy but hasn’t done it yet.   

Kevin adores his brothers.  He loves to watch Danny and Patrick play, he’s happy to snuggle with them and he laughs more for Patrick than the rest of us. 

This month Kevin got better at grabbing and reaching for things, including his feet and toys.

Kevin remains a super easy baby.  He’s a good eater and sleeper, rarely cries, he’s very happy, smiles and laughs often, and is so cute. 

As a reward Kevin’s status as a wonder baby, I have taken him to Europe.  Here we are enjoying Porto, Portugal.

Why are we in Porto you might ask?? Stay turned for answers about our adventures!  

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