El Libro de la Selva

Last weekend we took the kids to see the new live-action movie The Jungle Book, in Spanish called “El Libro de la Selva.”  Although we’ve had mixed results seeing movies in a theater here in Paraguay, we decided to try again.  Danny and Patrick wanted all three boys to wear jungle-themed clothes to the theater.  Kevin started out in a cute white jungle animal onsie.  Due to an unfortunate potty accident, he had to go with a backup shirt from his jungle wear collection.  The big brothers especially liked Kevin’s “monkey butt.” 

Danny wore his Lion King shirt and Patrick wore a shirt with a rhino. To get ready for the movie, the kids lined up their jungle animals on the coffee table. 

The boys were excited to see the story of Mowgli, a boy raised by wolves, living in a jungle, hunted by a tiger, and friends with a bear and panther. 

We headed to mall for the movie.  

We bought tickets for about $5 a person for assigned seats in the theater. 

Next we got a few snacks.  The boys were hoping for candy, but we went with popcorn instead. 

Patrick and Danny were excited about the movie, and didn’t even mind that it was all in Spanish.   

We sat in our seats and put on our 3D glasses.  I had hoped that Kevin, snuggled up against me in a baby wrap, would eat and then sleep, but he did neither.  He stayed awake the whole time and fussed when he couldn’t see the screen.

Overall, the boys very much enjoyed the movie, though they were a little scared of the tiger, snake, and gorilla. 

We had lot of fun!

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