Easter Bunny in the Off Season 

Even though it’s Fall in Paraguay and Easter was a few weeks ago, the Embassy celebrated Spring and the Easter Bunny this past weekend.  Due to spring break, actual Easter, and a bit of a Dengue Fever outbreak, the Embassy’s celebration was pushed back to after Easter.  And on the plus side, once Easter was over the Easter Bunny was no longer tied up with official duties and could easily attend the Embassy party at the Ambassador’s residence.  

The boys had baths and got all ready for party.  Patrick and Danny had cute little bags ready for the egg hunt. 

We loaded up and headed to the Embassy.  

Kevin met the Easter Bunny while Danny and Patrick were a bit scared of him at first.  

Danny and Patrick eventually warmed up to the Easter Bunny! 

There were lots of great foods on the breakfast buffet.  Danny ate five pancakes and Patrick had three.  I focused more on Oreo cupcakes and lumpia (Philippines-style spring rolls).  Everything was delicious. 

There was a Globo Loco (“bouncy castle”) at the party too.  

All the kids searched for a special “Golden Egg” excited about the prize that came with it.  A big kid found the egg hidden in a tree.   

The party had nice decorations. 

Due to excessive rain earlier that morning, the Easter Egg hunt for the kids was moved to the Ambassador’s living room. 

The boys turned in their eggs for a goodie bag.  Within minutes, Patrick had stuffed his face with candy and Danny had started stamping his arms. 

The boys were thrilled to find a large snail in the grass. 

As the rain started to fall again, the party broke up.  The globo loco was dismantled and Danny tried to catch raindrops in his mouth.  

After a fun party, we headed back home through the puddles on the cobblestone roads. 

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