Easter 2016

While United States welcomes spring, fall is underway in Paraguay.   

With the arrival of fall, the boys were excited to celebrate Easter.  Dyeing Easter eggs didn’t quite work out for us this year.  I did remember to boil some eggs a few days before Easter, but then we forgot to help the boys dye the eggs.  I ended up enjoying them for breakfast after Easter. 

The boys did help me make a bunny cake.  At the request of Patrick, the bunny had chocolate ears and a chocolate bow tie.   

My little bunnies were excited about the Easter Bunny.  


We watched the Easter Bunny-themed movie “Hop” and Patrick distractedly comforted a briefly unhappy Kevin. 

On Easter morning, the boys were excited for a backyard Easter egg hunt.    

Kevin participated remotely in the opening of Easter baskets. Danny and Patrick especially loved playing with the bubbles they received. 

We got dressed for church and Kevin looked particularly dapper.  

Danny and Patrick insisted on using hangers from their new ties to transform into Captain Hook. 

Fifteen minutes into mass my shirt had three milk stains and one baby spit up stain which thankfully had all dried by the time this picture was taken at brunch. This is the best we could do – either no kids were looking, or two were looking and one was disrobing.

It’s hard to take a family photo when a giant snail is in close proximity to little boys.  

The boys had homemade pizzas for dinner and happily helped with rolling out the dough and adding the sauce and cheese.   

There was New Zealand Lamb and Chilean wine for mom and dad once the kids were in bed! 

We all had a nice Easter!

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