Kevin’s First St. Patrick’s Day 

Having just returned to Paraguay about ten days before St. Patrick’s Day, we were excited to celebrate the high holy day.  Despite their faces in this picture, the kids actually did have fun celebrating too. The weekend before the holiday we invited about 75 people over for an Irish dinner featuring corned beef, Irish soda bread, roasted carrots, steamed cabbage, shepherd’s pie, spinach artichoke dip, and creme de menthe cupcakes.

Patrick, demonstrating only occasional scissor safety, helped me get six crockpots cooking a combined 30 pounds of corned beef.  

Brian loaded up our extra fridge with beverages for our guests. 

Brian gave the boys haircuts before the party.  Patrick briefly had a mohawk which he loved. 

We did lots of cooking to get ready for the party.  


At last dinner was served!  

Kevin was very popular at the party and many guests wanted to hold him and play with him. 

The boys especially liked dessert.  When Patrick saw the flags in the cupcakes, he excitedly asked me if he could keep a flag.  I told him sure.  “Really? Can I keep it forever?”  I again told him sure.  “Wow!” he said and happily ran right upstairs to hide a flag under his pillow. 

Patrick and Danny had fun at the party and loved wearing dinosaur and dragon costumes that a friend had brought over.  All the kids watched a movie after dinner.  Danny got sick of hearing “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!” and kept asking us when it would be St. Danny’s Day.  

Leftovers couldn’t wait for the next day.  I had a delicious corned beef sandwich after the guests left. 

On the actual St. Patrick’s Day, the boys wore their favorite green clothes. 

Kevin was happy about being dressed up for his first St. Patrick’s Day. 

But Kevin quickly grew tired of playing dress up. 

We couldn’t quite get organized enough to throw a party at a bar on the actual St. Patrick’s Day as we had done the past two years.  We did join friends for dinner at an Irish (in name only) bar on the 18th of March.  In preparation for the night out, Kevin had a fun bath and dressed in more clothes from his St. Patrick’s Day collection.  It being a Friday in Lent, I ordered cheese quesadillas. It being Paraguay (where they love their meat and even the Catholics don’t do meat-free Lenten Fridays), they brought me chicken, bacon, and cheese quesadillas.  After Kevin was passed around the table and snuggled with our friends, he passed out. All in all we had some nice St. Patrick’s Day celebrations!

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