Key Lime Cove

We recently visited Key Lime Cove indoor waterpark just outside of Chicago with my sister Sheila and her husband Mike.  The boys were excited to escape the cold temperatures outside and splash in the warm water. 

The boys were fascinated by the view from our rooms overlooking the watersides that extend outside of the building before ending back inside.  

The boys weren’t quite big enough for the largest swirly slides, but loved the small and fast slides in the kids’ area.  Their favorite was a wide purple slide which they must have gone down hundreds of times.  


Patrick enjoyed a curved neon slide that Danny was just a little too short to try. 

One of the highlights of waterpark was a large structure with a big pineapple on top which is constantly filled with water by a giant toucan.  Every couple of minutes, the pineapple reaches its capacity and dumps water down an awning dousing those beneath.   


The boys had lots of fun jumping in the wave pool, showing off their muscles, and hanging with Uncle Mike and Aunt Sheila.  


The kids liked floating down the lazy river with inner tubes.  


Baby Kevin went in a swimming pool for the first time.  He didn’t seem to mind it! 

Aunt Katie even came from Milwaukee to hang with us. 

After two days of nonstop swimming and splashing, Danny and Patrick were exhausted and fell right asleep on the drive home.  Kevin, on the other hand, after spending two days nestled contentedly in my arms, was well-rested, happy, and awake on the way home.

We had dinner that night with our Keenan cousins and the boys got to meet Charlotte and Whitney, their new twin cousins. 

What a great weekend!  It did take about two weeks before I was able to convince the boys to remove their Key Lime Cove wristbands.  The boys told me they had been hoping to keep the wristbands on until their wrists got so big the wristbands would bust off their arm, similar to the way the Incredible Hulk’s clothes rip off.  Let down by the realization that it might take quite awhile for their wrists to grow enough to burst the wristbands, the boys eventually agreed with using a scissors to cut off their wristbands.

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