Baby 101

My sister Nora and her husband Dan are expecting their first baby next week.  While all new parents-to-be are eager and anxious, Nora’s level of anticipation seems nearly unprecedented and is certainly contagious.  We are all very excited for them and can’t wait to meet their little one. 

Last weekend, in preparation for the arrival of their baby, Nora and Dan came over to practice a few childcare and parenting skills with my active little Guinea pigs. 

Dan and Nora practiced diaper changing and gave baby Kevin a bath.


The soon-to-be parents also got a lesson in swaddling.  In Nora’s first few attempts at swaddling baby Kevin, he had already wriggled one hand free by the time she started to wrap up his second hand.  Restraining a baby Houdini can be tricky! 

Dan practiced swaddling baby Kevin too, under Patrick’s watchful eyes. 

Kevin likes being swaddled, and since he has two older brothers that sometimes means a pile of poop pillow or mad face pillow are placed next to him. 

Dan and Nora practiced dressing baby Kevin. 

As Nora noted, Dan really seemed to have mastered taking care of toddlers! 

Nora and Dan gave Kevin lots of snuggles and love and we just know they will be great parents!    

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