First Bath and Bottle 

Last week, a week after Kevin’s umbilical cord finally fell off and his belly button dried out, it was time for him to have a real bath, or at least a kitchen sink bath.  My sister Sheila and I started out by giving Kevin a manicure and trimming his sharp little razor claws.


That was followed by a luxurious bath he loved.  Here he is next to his bath supplies.  

While in the bath, Kevin liked pushing off the sides of the sink with his feet and just relaxing in the warm water.  


Sheila and I cleaned all his chins and played with his long cute curls in the back of his head.  

Kevin did not like getting out of the bathtub, but once he was warm and dry he was happy again (and showing off his muscles for the ladies). 

Last week Kevin had his first bottle which his Aunt Annie was thrilled to feed to him. 

Patrick has been a great big brother to Kevin.  Patrick is kind and gentle and loves holding baby Kevin and was especially excited to burp him.  Patrick was so happy and proud when Kevin let out a big burp! 

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