Raccoon Visitor 

Last week, a raccoon visited my parents’ house.  We noticed it early Tuesday morning crawling around on the roof of the backyard shed, know as my dad’s playhouse.  

It seemed like maybe he couldn’t get down and spent hours walking laps around the roof. 

The boys loved watching the critter from the windows in the living room. 

We tried throwing snowballs near him to scare him a little and make him want to get down.  That didn’t work, but it did succeed in giving the animal some snow to eat.  On a related note, did you know that raccoons growl?  I didn’t, until that afternoon. 

We decided to call the non-emergency number for the police to ask their advice.  They then transferred us to the emergency number and the dispatcher said they’d send someone right over.  Instead, the police called us back and said that because the raccoon was on private property and wasn’t trapped inside of anything and wasn’t visibly injured, they wished us luck and said they couldn’t help us. 

Meanwhile the raccoon did a few dozen more laps around the roof and then took a nap.   

We called a local wildlife facility and asked their advice.  They advised against trying to scare the animal by throwing anything at or near it (whoops!) and instead suggested we put some type of a ramp or ladder from the roof to the ground, with an apple or banana at the bottom.  We did that and although the raccoon investigated the ladder and tried it just a little, he wouldn’t go down.   

Later in the day we moved the ladder to a lower part of the roof for a more gradual slope.  We hoped that might make it easier for the raccoon to get down, but still the raccoon wouldn’t budge.  By late Tuesday night the raccoon was still on the roof.  

On Wednesday morning, we woke up to find that the raccoon had gone down the ladder.  It didn’t go far though, and was sleeping under the ladder in the backyard.

The raccoon was not very active and spent the whole day sleeping.  We started  to worry that perhaps “he” was a “she” and would soon have a bunch of baby raccoons in the backyard.  

By Thursday, thankfully the critter had left and the only raccoons left were Kevin, Danny, and Patrick.  

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