Meeting Baby Kevin

Baby Kevin has had a busy first couple of weeks meeting his many relatives.  

He particularly enjoyed meeting his mom and dad and we were sure glad to meet him! 

Kevin’s big brothers have been exceedingly and surprisingly gentle with the new baby.  The big brothers were excited to attend a little impromptu party in my hospital room on New Year’s Day, complete with party hats.

When visiting the hospital, the big brothers liked juice, crackers, and popsicles for a snack and watching trains out the window of my hospital room.  

The grandparents were happy to meet and cuddle with cute baby Kevin. 

We were excited to bring Kevin home from the hospital.   

Kevin wore the same outfit home from the hospital as his big brothers had worn when they went home from the hospital.  Below from left to right are Patrick, Danny, and Kevin.  They sure look a lot alike! 

The day after Kevin and I came home from the hospital, my parents hosted a dinner to celebrate my birthday and introduce baby Kevin.  Appetizers included oysters Rockefeller, clams casino, smoked salmon, and a veggie tray.  

The main course was steak on the grill, steamed king crab legs, roasted potatoes, corn on the cob, and spinach salad.  It was a fabulous meal!  

Everyone enjoyed having a chance to snuggle with little Kevin.  

The boys helped me blow out the candles on the cake.  
Danny and Patrick picked out these gifts themselves.  Danny liked making a mad face to match that of the mad face pillow.  Patrick’s charming pillow is a pile of poop.  After the boys gave me these “gifts” they immediately took them back and have been sleeping with the pillows in their own beds ever since.  Happy birthday to me!  

Baby Kevin makes lots of expressions.  While awake, he often sneezes, or yawns, or stares intently.  In his sleep, he has been smiling, but he hasn’t yet cracked a smile while awake. 

When Kevin was six days old, we took him to get his passport picture taken.  The store clerk placed Kevin on the counter on top of a white poster.  She then climbed up on a step stool, leaned over Kevin and took a few photos.  Kevin did not want to hold still or look at the camera, but at least his eyes were open!   

Kevin has been a great eater and sleeper.  We are especially glad that he’s been sleeping through the night.  Keep up the good work, Kev!

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