Getting Ready for Baby

Before the arrival of baby Kevin, we had lots to do to get ready.  The boys took a class at the hospital called “My Mommy is Having a Baby” to help them prepare for a new addition to the family.  The class covered the basics about being gentle with newborns and even gave the boys a chance to practice feeding baby dolls a bottle and changing diapers on dolls.  The boys were a little nervous about changing diapers since Brian had jokingly told them they’ll be responsible for changing all poopy diapers once the baby arrived.


The boys proudly showed off their certificates of completion! 

In addition to learning how to take care of babies, the boys also put efforts into coming up with potential names for the new baby. 

Patrick consistently said he wanted a brother and not a sister, and for awhile wanted to name that little brother “Daddy.”  Patrick also suggested that we name the baby “Patrick” and allow five-year-old Patrick to pick his own new name, which he said would be “Captain America.”  Later name suggestions included Ebenezer and in honor of my mom’s friend, Patrick recommended both “Cathy” and “Mrs. Walsh.”  Patrick also had a few questions about the baby and my body, including, “Are you sure that’s a baby in there? It looks more like it might be a pelota (“ball”)? 

Danny said he wanted a sister and her wanted to name her “Sword Fight.”  When Brian told Dan that “Sword Fight” isn’t really a name for a baby, Danny revised his suggestion to “Baby Sword Fight” because, he explained, “then everyone will know it’s a baby.”  Dan later also suggested “Timoteo” after a neighborhood dog in Asunción, and “Charlie” after a horse the boys rode in Hilton Head, “Water Cannon” after favorite features of recent Christmas and birthday gifts, and “Sea Horse” after my mom’s tea cup with a large sea horse on it.

Hopefully when he’s older, Kevin Michael will appreciate that his parents and not his older brothers named him!

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