It’s a BOY!!!

Brian and I are thrilled to announce the arrival of our third child, Kevin Michael Keenan, born on December 29 at 8:34am.  He’s 7 pounds 12 ounces and 20.5 inches long.    

Big brothers Patrick and Danny were excited to meet little Kevin, as were my parents.  The boys said they couldn’t wait to tell Kevin “Happy Birthday” and “all about being a boy.”  

The boys were very curious about Kevin and had quite a few questions.  Why are his feet so tiny?  Why doesn’t he have teeth?  When I wave hi to him why doesn’t he wave back?  Upon seeing the somewhat shriveled and limp stump of the clamped umbilical cord Patrick asked, “What happened to his penis?”  

Although the boys were certainly interested in Baby Kevin, a new baby couldn’t compete with the lure of crackers and juice provided by the nurses or with the bridge and trains visible out the window of my room.   

Both boys were gentle and sweet with their new brother, kissing him on the head and softly touching his face and hair.   
We are so glad you’re here, Baby Kevin!  So far his talents include yawning, sneezing, and going to the bathroom while his diaper is being changed.

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